Own Boat Tuition

We are able to offer  own boat tuition where there is demand and when we have instructors available.   Contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.  

There are many reasons why you might want an ASA instructor to assist you on your own yacht.  Here are the most common reasons:

Maybe you have decided to live the dream and invest in a yacht in the Caribbean.  But now you have an unfamiliar boat and are in unfamiliar waters and it might all seem a bit daunting. Well, having one of our instructors on board can really help you gain confidence and knowledge, both in the boat and in the sailing area.

You are already sailing your boat here and are comfortable sailing around the islands but are considering an ocean passage or going further afield. If you want to build on your blue water skills  our highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors can  help you. With ocean passages and heavy weather sailing under their belts they can help to prepare you for future voyages. They can also give valuable advice on what kit your boat will need and how to prepare for a passage.

You want to gain or enhance specific skills.  Want to learn how to trim your sails more effectively? Learn about what to do if you encounter heavy weather? Find out how to get new crew working as a team? Or discover ways to sail better when short handed.  Whatever skills you want to learn or develop, we can help you.

You want or need a sailing qualification.  If you are considering sailing onto Europe you will need a sailing qualification to show on entry into each country (not currently in the UK) So you may be a very competent and experienced sailor but you will still need that piece of paper. You can take an ASA course onboard your own yacht,where you feel comfortable.