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Why Learn to Sail in Grenada?


You can learn to sail just about anywhere, but why should you learn to sail in Grenada? We live her and we love the island and would thoroughly recommend you spend a day or two (or three, or four, or…. well, you get the idea) exploring this amazing island, either before or after your sailing course.   


Things to do in Grenada

  1. CARNIVAL – If you are fortunate to be here in August then we suggest you get involved in Spicemas – the Grenadian carnival. Monday morning starts early with JabJab where revelers paint themselves in engine oil, followed by Jouvert where you dance down the street covered in multi-coloured paints. Drinking rum at 6am is not for the feint hearted.  Monday evening sees the light show and Tuesday is “Pretty Mas” – a glorious parade of sequined and feathered outfits.
  2. SCUBA DIVING – The world’s first underwater sculpture park is only one diving attraction in Grenada. There are numerous wrecks to explore as well as the marine parks, teeming with aquatic wildlife. Ask us about special rates for our guests. 
  3. CHOCOLATE! – Grenada makes wonderful, organic chocolate. As well as indulging in this pleasure you can visit the factories and see the production from tree to bar. Belmont Estate will also introduce you to local fruits, vegetables and spices and has a great on-site restaurant.
  4.  TURTLE WATCH Visitors from March through to the end of July can have the privilege of watching Leatherback turtles lay their eggs on Levera Beach.  It is an amazing spectacle and well worth a late night waiting. 
  5. RELAXING- Grenada is home to some lovely beaches,  Grand Anse is world famous for it’s long strip of white sand and turquoise sea. If you want somewhere a bit quieter than Magazine beach has laid back charm. 
  6. ISLAND TOURS – Spend a day with a tour guide to get the most of the island. A whistle stop tour showing you the best Grenada has to offer at a reasonable price. Ask us for tour guide recommendations. 
  7. SPICES – Known for its spices, Grenada is a great place to stock up on huge sticks of cinnamon and fresh nutmegs, along with other locally grown spices. 
  8. EAT LOCAL – There is a wide variety of restuarants on the island catering to all tastes and pockets. But please, whilst you are on island try to eat local, local, at least once.  Patricks Local Style Restaurant in St George’s is a good place to start.  They serve  food meze style, so you get to try everything… plaintain, breadfruit, callaloo, green banana, dasheen….
  9. RUM – As well as drinking it, you can visit the distilleries and watch it being made.  At the River Antoine Distillery, the rum is made in the time honoured fashion. And after watching  the oldest functioning water-propelled distillery in the Caribbean, you get the opportunity to sample the goods!
  10. MICRO BREWERY – yes, believe it or not Grenada has it’s own real ale brewery. The West Indies Beer Company is a popular spot and has over 10 different beers, brewed on site.


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