10 Nautical Words We Use Everyday

10 Nautical Terms We Use Everyday! In my last blog,  I introduced a few nautical words to help a newbie or wannabe sailor.  That got me to thinking about nautical terms words and phrases we use on an everyday basis that have their origins in old naval language.  Some appear obviously nautical, for example when Read More

15 Nautical Terms

15 Nautical Terms You Need to Know When Learning to Sail If you are brand new to sailing you might be a bit fazed by the terminology.  Sailing uses words we don’t use in everyday life, or if we do, it’s with a different meaning.  It can be a daunting and put people off. But Read More

Sailing in “Hurricane” Season

Learn to Sail All Year Round in the Caribbean We are fortunate that you can learn to sail all year round…yes, even during Hurricane Season! In fact, “off season” may be a better time to learn to sail. So you may be thinking… Mmmmm….summer in the Caribbean…its going to be too hot and we will be running Read More

Learn to Sail in the Caribbean

Why Learn to Sail in The Caribbean? You can learn to sail just about anywhere in the world, so why chose to learn to sail in the Caribbean? Here at SeaHorse Sailing School, we can think of many reasons but have had to narrow it down. So here are our top 5 reasons why you Read More