Our Instructors

Meet our mature and highly experienced ASA sailing instructors. With a wealth of knowledge and many sea miles under their belts they are waiting to pass  their experience on to you.  As well as being great sailors, they also have a sense of humour. 

Mike Dye

 Mike is from the UK has been sailing for 35 years.  As well as an ASA instructor, he is also an RYA Yachtmaster Ocean qualified and a Cruising Instructor.  He has carried out a number of yacht deliveries, worked as a yacht broker and a commercial skipper as well as instructing.

Prior to being an instructor  Mike had a varied work life; he is a carpenter, house builder,  and trained to be a civil engineer. All this whilst bringing up his twin son and daughter. A sailing trip  across the Atlantic found him in the Caribbean.  Grenada became his own and when not out teaching he can be found enjoying the great outdoors.     

Mike loves teaching people to learn to sail and knows all the great spots! He wants to be able to make learning fun and enjoyable. Mike is a happy chappy who loves music and sings a mean sea shanty!  And he might even write you a poem or two during your time sailing with him.

Caribbean sailing school ASA

Tom Batty

Tom is from the North East of England. He bought a windsurfer  in Miami in early 80s.  Soon followed by a hobicat. When he returned to the UK he helped start an outdoor education school – mountaineering  and climbing were his forte. But somehow he  qualified as a RYA sailing instructor.  Then senior instructor in dinghy’s and power boats.  Then day skipper, coastal skipper and Yachtsmaster.

He worked for 10 years in Greece as a freelance charter skipper in the 90s. Since 2001 he became a skipper on a privately yacht. He has also completed a number of  long deliveries on 130 different boats, from 31 feet to 110 ft and has 97000 sea miles,  five Atlantic crossings and one trans pacific.   

Tom’s hobbies include  music: he plays the guitar, penny whistles and the banjo.  He paints,  draws and sculpts. He has also travelled extensively and quite differently.  Motorcycled through India, cycled through east Africa,  Australia and  New Zealand.  And even spent 3 months paddling the Murray river Australia  in a canoe. 


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