ASA #111 Review Clinic

The American Sailing Association standard 111 is a new initiative developed to help the certified sailor further develop and enhance their sailing skills. There are many reasons why someone would benefit from this module.  You completed your training but still feel too inexperienced to take a boat out by yourself?  There were particular aspects of your training that  were more difficult to grasp so you want to go over it again?  There were some aspects to your training that you particularly enjoyed and what to  go back, revisit and hone those skills? You just want a general refresher? Or you did your training closer to home and now what to experience sailing in the Caribbean? There are probably more reasons for doing your ASA 111 with us.  

You will discuss with the instructor,  prior to the start of the clinic, your goals and what you hope to achieve.  You will receive a written, personalized Recommended Plan suggesting steps for continued improvement in knowledge and skills proficiencies upon clinic completion. This clinic may be taken multiple times and you can join any one of our courses. 


Study Materials

The ASA website has lots of educational resources that will help further your sailing education. We recommend watching the Sailing Made Easy Video SeriesKnots Made Easy Video SeriesDocking Made Easy Video Series. In addition to downloading our Sailing Challenge App. You can find all of these and more at