Frequently Asked Question

What day do your courses start and finish?

Our courses start on Sundays and finish on Saturdays, however, on occasions, we can start on other days of the week, subject to demand.

How do I check availability?

Please email or call us.  We have a lot of flexibility and can usually schedule a course to suit your preferred dates. 

How far in advance do I need to book?

We recommend that you sign up as far in advance as possible before the course you want sells out. Enrolling early also gives you enough time to order and receive your course materials from the ASA, and get a head start on your sailing education.

Can I just do 101 or 101 and 103 on the week long course?

Of course!  We encourage all students to work at their pace and you are not under any pressure to reach all the levels.  We want our students to leave feeling confident, competent and safe.  In fact, we don’t guarantee that anyone will pass all the levels; we constantly review as the week progress 

How do I book?

Once you have decided on your course we ask you to fill in a booking form and send us your deposit payment.. and then you are good to go!

What happens if the weather is bad?

Inclement weather is usually not an issue for sailors. Rain is no cause for alarm. The bigger issue is wind. We will only sail if it is safe to do so, and if it is too windy  we will still be able to continue your training by practicing maneuvers and learning more theory etc

Do you provide travel insurance?

We don’t but we can recommend World Nomads and offer a convenient link for you to get your quote  

What about hotel accommodation before and after the course?

There are a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets.  Our base is at the True Blue Resort and they offer our clients a healthy discount.   We also have links with other hotels who also offer our guests a discount. Just ask us!

What do I need to bring?

Not much… shorts, T-shirts, swimming gear…. Remember sunglasses, sun hat, bug spray and sunscreen, toiletries, ASA Textbooks, ASA logbook if you already have one, notebook, pencils, camera/video camera personal medications

Is alcohol allowed aboard?

Drinking is not permitted during sailing time, it is allowed in the evenings but we advise moderation as it may impair your judgement and increase possibilities of seasickness the following day.

What kind of food is provided during the liveaboard courses?

We provide a good, basic, healthy mix of foods for breakfast, lunches and 3 dinners. Dietary needs can be catered for if we are told in advance.

What type of accommodation is provided?

Accommodation is provided on board the yacht and students have a private cabin at night, unless you have booked as a couple and received  the shared cabin discount. All linens, pillows, blankets, and towels are provided.

Do I need to study before the class starts?

Yes! It is very important that you study before arrival as it may affect your chances of passing..also, if you don’t study beforehand, you will have to catch up during the week which means less opportunities to swim, snorkel, relax… 

Why do I have to pay extra for ASA membership, logbooks and exam?

Some  people on the course may already have ASA membership and may have passed their 101 so we don’t  think it is fair to charge them for something they don’t need.  And how upsetting would it be if you don’t pass an exam  that you have already paid for?

Why do we have to pay for the instructors dinners ashore?

No matter how much fun your instructor will have with you, it is still a tiring 24/7 job.  They are always looking after the boat and your safety. We don’t expect them to be out of pocket whilst working.  Dining ashore is a choice and you can choose to eat on-board every evening if you prefer.  But it is good to sample some local cuisine.